Sunday, February 10, 2013

Teacher Strategy

Student: Daniel
Age: 9.8
Grade: 4th
Focus : Fluency
Scenario: Daniel is a quiet fourth grader who is naturally organized and thrives on structure. Daniel’s mother reports that he tends to be focused on tasks, even in play. Daniel’s teacher, Mrs. Clifton, has also notices that he is diligent with academic tasks. When reading aloud in class, Daniel is able to read all sight words and decode most multi-syllable words he encounters, Howe ever, Daniel’s fluency is not at the level of most fourth graders. Mrs. Clifton reports he is a word-by –word reader and doesn’t read with proper tone or expression, but she feels he has skills needed to become a fluent, expressive reader.

Daniel can read sight words and decode most syllable parts. I will assess this situation by making a weekly activity called “Reader’s theater”
The goal of this activity is to help Daniel to set a tone or an expression on his reading.
This will be a 10 weeks assignment. Each week as a class we will read 2 chapters.
As an introduction to the book, we will watch “Charlotte’s Web Movie”. While they are watching the movie they will draw a picture of each character. (This will help students to recognize each charter.)
As a class, we will read the first chapter of the week together. With a partner, students will read the second chapter.
While reading the story, students are responsible to write the character’s quoted words on the character worksheet.
At the end of the day, partners are responsible to share at least one quote with the class using the appropriate tone. 
Daniel and his classmate will understand and know how to set tone  while reading.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lesson Plan

Whole Brain Teaching
Lesson: Super Race 100

This assignment can be very useful in a reading classroom. 

  • Super race 100 contains 100 levels to teach 100 sight words. Each level has one new word from the next level.  The goal is for students to complete all the 100 words in 60 seconds or less.  If they master they can go on to "Super Race 1000"( which includes harder words).
  • At the back of the room I will have a board with a race track for each student with a race car (with their name on it.) The point of this board is not about who gets to the finish line first, but for everyone to cross the finish line. 
  • The way the card move forward is based on their improvement. Whenever they move to the next level they will move their car forward. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Joy ahead

"Be truly glad. There is a wonderful joy ahead!"
-I Peter 1:6

This will be a new journey for me and I know it will be a long journey, but I'm having positive thoughts and very motivate to go forward into be a great teacher. 
I hope to meet new classmates and future co-workers.